Aerial photographers: This clever map will help you steer clear of no-drone zones



The rise of affordable multicopters and radio-controlled aircraft with built-in cameras (or support for mounting your own) has brought aerial photography within reach of the masses, but it’s proven to be a thorny issue where the US government is concerned. As use of unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones, in mainstream media parlance — soars, so too do bans on UAV operations.

Whether it’s the FAA, the National Park Service, or local lawmakers, government agencies are lining up to forbid the public from flying in particular…

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‘No Cameras Allowed’ tells the story of a 26-year-old concert photographer who became famous by sneaking into festivals

There are a couple of awesome photographic disciplines, but being a concert photographer probably tops them all. Despite being one of the most stressful photographic careers — thousands of people around you, loud music, hot and moist air if you’re inside a concert hall, and constant running from one end of the stage to the other — it probably is also one of the most entertaining and fulfilling.

Alas, becoming a respected concert photographer isn’t an easy thing to do, especially not when you’re young and need the money. As with most photographic careers,…

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