Mobile Photo Connect announces top-flight speaker and sponsor lineup for October 2014 event, expands schedule by adding workshops day

LOS ALTOS, Calif., July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Mobile Photo Connect, an industry conference serving the mobile photography ecosystem, is pleased to announce its 2014 program featuring an outstanding initial lineup of speakers and sponsors. In response to customer demand, the conference has expanded with a second day focused on workshops and a move to…

The Panasonic FZ1000 CAN output clean HDMI video



The Panasonic FZ1000 is a still photography and video powerhouse, but there’s been a lot of confusion over its ability to output “clean” HMDI. Thanks in great part to the efforts of Panasonic USA’s National Training Manager, Mathew Frazer, we can finally set the record straight on all but one aspect of this. Information on the final point should be forthcoming shortly, when I meet with Panasonic execs in Osaka next Tuesday.

First, just a bit of background: So-called “clean” HDMI output means a video signal through a…

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Samsung NX3000 First Shots posted: Time to see just how well this sub-$500 APS-C camera stacks up



The smallest APS-C ILC camera with a mode dial, lightweight and costing less than $500 with a kit lens, the Samsung NX3000 has drawn some attention with the enthusiast photographer crowd looking for a low-cost but capable back-up or competent travel camera. It’s also turning heads with some of the smartphone step-up users looking for better quality in a camera that still feels small and, well, “connected”.

Not much bigger than the company’s diminuitive NX Mini (currently the smallest ILC being sold) the NX3000 has a sensor with…

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Finally some good news: Sony and Fujifilm report rising revenue from camera sales

For the past couple of years, the digital camera market was on a downward slope in both sales and revenue generated. This could mainly be attributed to the rising use of smartphones and consequent drop in sales of compact cameras, but also partially to a saturation of the market in general. We reported multiple times on this topic, and in 2014 we’ve seen a partial rise in sales and revenue for the first time in years.

The most recent good news came from Olympus, and now it’s Fujifilm and Sony who report that in the past fiscal year, both sales and earnings…

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Learn how to create stunning astrophotography even in light-polluted areas

Photographing the night sky — also called astrophotography — is a challenging endeavor. Depending on what exactly it is you want to photograph — a specific constellation of stars, the milky way, another galaxy etc. — you first need to find out the best time and location for your photo, which depends on a lot of factors. Then, you need to figure out how to set up your gear for the best results, and finally you’ll have to process your images to look good.

Astrophotography, when done correctly, can also be highly rewarding, as it can yield some of the most…

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It’s your turn, America: Affordable Sony W810, WX220 compacts and rugged ActionCam AS20 land stateside



America, it’s time for you to do some catching up! Sony has today announced that three cameras announced quite some time ago in other markets will be coming here too: the Sony W810 and Sony WX220 compacts, and the GoPro-challenging ActionCam AS20.

Of the trio, the Sony W810 is the one we’ve waited the longest for. It’s also the most affordable, priced at just US$100. It was announced alongside the Sony W830 at the Consumer Electronics Show, way back at the start of January. Like that camera, the Sony W810 sports a…

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